Trend Setter Bull & Select Replacement Heifer Sale
Saturday, March 26, 2022
At the Ranch

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  • Clint Morlock - Delia, Alberta. *
    Crimson Cattle Company - Fox Valley, Sask.
    3MC stock Farms Ltd. - Drumheller, Alberta. *
    Count Ridge Red Angus - Bassano, Alberta. *
    Nelson Ag. - Rumsey, Alberta. *
    Hecker Farms Ltd. - Maple Creek, Sask. *
    Stephen & Shannon Vaiga - Three Hills, Alberta.
    Movin On Farms - Kitscoty, Alberta.
    Murray Marshall - Craigmyle, Alberta.
    Mashon Ranches - Hanna, Alberta. *
    Neu Muehl Colony - Drumheller, Alberta. *
    Hand Hills Colony - Hanna, Alberta. *
  • Flatland Cattle & Grain - Provost, Alberta.
    Tannas Ranches - Water Valley, Alberta. *
    HBH Farms - Delia, Alberta. *
    Hawk Ranching - Nanton, Alberta.
    K. Griffith Ranching - Delia, Alberta.
    Stan & Marg Moench - Craigmyle, Alberta. *
    Kelby Stevens - Hanna, Alberta.
    Yarrow Creek Ranch - Pincher Creek, Alberta.
    Norma Jean & Keven Minchau - Craigmyle, Alberta.
    Veno Land & Cattle - Hanna, Alberta. *
    Westwick Ranching - Patricia, Alberta. *
    McIntyre Ranching - Lethbridge, Alberta.
  • Ricky Anderson - Trochu, Alberta. *
    Lamont Cattle Company - Coronation, Alberta. *
    2M Ranching - Lac La Biche, Alberta.
    Martin Larson - Drumheller, Alberta.
    Don Johnson - Drumheller, Alberta.
    Jillian Moench - Craigmyle, Alberta.
    Walter & Kelli Redding - Delia, Alberta. *
    Ryan McLaughlin - Jenner, Alberta.
    Allison Farms - Red Deer County, Alberta.
    Wilbar Cattle Company - Dundurn, Sask.
    Meadow Creek Angus - Claresholm, Alberta. *
    J & L Ranches - Claresholm, Alberta.
    The Brooke Family - Viking, Alberta.

We have enjoyed meeting all of our new buyers and would like to extend a special thank you to our repeat customers.

Over the years, we have acquired a deep sense of pride and accomplishment in our cattle herd and breeding stock. Thank you to each and every one of you that have expressed your continued confidence in our bull program.

We wish you all continued success and look forward to meeting again in 2020.