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Red DMM Rumble 74J

Tattoo: DMM 74J
Angus #: 2227974

Co-owned with Miller Wilson Angus and Riverside Angus.

(Semen Packages Available)

Red Six Mile MR. Wick 169H

Angus #: 2164365

Red Shiloh Hollywood 129H

Tattoo: SCCA 129H
Angus #: 2144157

Red Lauron Justin Time 113J

Tattoo: RLH 113J
Angus #: 2216111

Roy Mac Colossal 57J

Tattoo: KSM 57J
Angus #: 2227374

Allison Refine 78K

Tattoo: ARA 78K
Angus #: 2277474

Red DKF Racer 8E

Tattoo: DKFE 8E
Angus #: 1974618

(Semen Packages Available)

Red ML Hustler 272Z

Tattoo: VENO 272Z
Angus #: 1709866

(Semen Packages Available)

Red Shiloh Gunner 23G

Tattoo: SCCA 23G
Angus #: 2082384

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